Design Expo – demo fest on June 11th.

On June 11th we had a meeting with Ruth Kikin-Gil from MS Research Seattle and Neta Haiby-Weiss, the CTO of ILDC (Microsoft Startup accelerator).

We had a preparation meeting on the 10th so each and every one from the group was responsible for issues he dealt with during the year except for Tomer and Paz who had an important test so Hila was responsible for the demo scenario.

One of the most important things we needed to emphasis is our UX decisions along the process and what were our main challenges, how we verified and designed the interaction accordingly.

Here you can listen to the presentation itself and the feedback:


***Final Presentation***

After a lot of arrangements and preparations we had the final presentation last week. Each and everyone from the team gave his best and contribute his ideas to the presentation. It’s obvious that Daylight as a group had the most meaningful learning progress by understanding the importance of teamwork and cooperation between the students

PicMonkey Collage

This is the last week before the exam period begins and we have a few assignments to do: finish editing the promotion video, testing the app on different users and spread out a questionnaire in different platforms in the web.

Daylight in Google play

This week Tomer and Paz architected and devised the app and finally submitted it to google store- the link to download

Next week we will have the final Presentation – today Neta, Tomer and Yael thought about different Ideas to present Daylight in the most interesting and unique way.

Furthermore Hamutzim design three options to the logo:

Logo_1 Logo_2 Logo_3

Most of the group prefer the rounded version

Most important a few weeks ago we realized that Dalight is Candidate to Micrsoft research design expo-

A little bit info-

The Design Expo creates a forum for spotlighting design, encouraging “out of the box” thinking, by exploring students’ visions for the future of computing as well as honing their presentation skills and engaging with students from other design teams from around the world to see how they approached this year’s theme. Students often form lasting relationships with other students and this informal network has persisted from Design Expos over the years.

Next step…Movie Editing- here we come….

So after 6 days of shooting in Herzliya Park, in the dromi beach, Tal’s house, Gordon beach, Gan Mee’ir and all over Tel aviv we have a lot video sections. Now we have to choose the best video materials till Thursday- because we have a meeting with Dovev. He will help us to edit the promotion film. Here you can see how we shoot the computer and the Android to the video…

מסך ירוק מחשב מסך ירוק סלולרי

Another thing- we Paz and Tomer program the app- it really look professional, pleasant and friendly to the user thanks to the design lines of Hamutzim. Here you see some new screens- that approve to the user he sign his home location at the app.

Home Locartion-is-set

Preparations of the promotional video


Just before the prototype emerges, and tighten all the final stages, we are currently working on a promotion video that will promote and explain about the application.

Want to know briefly about the video before it is published?

The Video show a man around age 26, which doing a lot of activities outside the house , such as a trip in the park , sitting in pub with friends, a meeting of friends on the street, riding a bike , and also sitting on the beach. After all this actions, it seems that all acts that the guy made outside, he actually do inside the computer, in is virtual world…

After the viewer’s understand the guy actually bored at home,

He will get notification that encourages him to go out, like:

Character your friend Moran is outside. join her !


During the video we will show all the usability of the application, In order to give the potential users the experience that reflects in the clearest way what the app do.