Daylight is a project we are developing as our 3rd year project at the IDC Media Innovation Lab – miLAB. We were asked by the faculty to build an application that answers an essential human need, while given one main them to rely on: Problems that technology creates.

The need

In today’s Google era, there is almost no need to leave the house. A person can get all of existential needs whether it is self-actualization, self-esteem, feeling beloved and belonging, the need of safety and the physiological need. Each of those five needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can be achieved by a Skype call, sending an email, watching TV or calling to Pizza Hut and the pizza will be delivered directly to your house. This affects the mental and emotional state of the person. Our app refers to people who are aware of their problem and want to make a change by being active and going outside.

The idea

A mobile application that will encourage people to go outside by sending them different notifications utilizing diverse information like weather info, fitness activities, friends’ whereabouts and more.

Daylight will allow the users to set their own goals, stating how long do they want to stay at home and Daylight will send its notifications randomly and in accordance to the user’s preferences.


PicMonkey Collage



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